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Bike Park and Valley Spur Update

The Munising Bay Trail Network volunteer group has been very busy this season.
Here is a brief update on what's new for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a fun place to explore :

Munising city trail (located on the top of the hill behind Hillside Party Store):
Bike Park featuring a 1500 ft jump trail with rolling bridge that takes you over the outer loop (1.4 miles in length).
1000 ft skills loop that includes a ride around option for each obstacle which arespaced throughout the trail with varied degree of difficulty. These include wood/rock ride overs, rock trails, several feet ofboard walk (including a double wave deck), log rides, and a teeter totter.

Valley Spur singletrack :
We've almost doubled our mileage since the end of last season. The trail now starts from the parking lot and is7.78 miles (measured with a wheel) to where it stops. The trail currently ends on ski trail G (to those familiar with Valley Spur this is at the top of Heart attack). You can ride the trail in both directions for a 15 mile ride or turn left onto heart attack (steep downhill) and take the fork at the bottom of the hill to the left and follow the back to lodge signs located at the ski trail intersections along the double track to make it a 9 mile loop.

If you get a chance to check the trailsout before the snow flies, we'd love to get somefeedback. You can message our Facebook page or send your comments to

Happy trails!
MBTN volunteers!