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Valley Spur Recreation Area (VSRA, Geospatial PDF) offers a newly constructed singletrack trail that is approximately 11.5 miles in length to date. Construction is planned to continue through the season to complete an approximately 13 mile loop. The trail begins from the parking lot (to the right of the lodge at the top of trail B) and is fun, flowy and family friendly. Additionally, there are 26 miles of two track trail within VSRA. Four separate loops have been marked, ranging easy to difficult. Shorter routes can be created by combining sections from the singletrack and two track trails to create small loops.

VS 2018.JPG


Munising Mountain Bike Park Non-Motorized Trails (hiking & biking) offers a 1.4 mile ADA trail “Gateway Loop” which provides access to the newly constructed bike park/singletrack trail located atop the hill directly behind the Hillside Party Store. The Bike Park consists of a 1500 ft. beginner/intermediate level jump trail “Superior Air”, featuring 21 rollers and 12 table top jumps, 1000 ft. skills loop “Da Play Zone”, which offers 500 feet of wooden-decked bridges, a teeter totter, log rides, and a variety of rock/wood obstacles (beginners to advanced) with a ride around option at each feature, and a 1000 ft. rock armored trail “Rock On” for the more advanced rider -rated black diamond - with gap jumps and steep wooden roll downs. The 1.4 mile outer singletrack trail “Munising Bay Loop” encompasses the bike park and offers amazing views of Munising Bay and the west channel. The Gateway Loop and Munising Bay Loop are multi-use non-motorized trails and are open for use to both hikers and bikers.

Map of Hillside Trails in Munising Jan 2017.  Access is up the hill behind Hillside Party Store.

Bruno’s Run Hiking/Mountain Biking Trail (Geospatial PDF) is considered by many to be the area’s premier mountain biking experience, with a 10 mile loop, offering outstanding scenery, including small lakes and streams along the trail, with a variety of trees and other plants. It is located down Forest Highway 13 (~10 miles south of M28 from Wetmore) with trailheads at Moccasin Lake Rest Area, Pete’s Lake Day Use Area and Widewaters Campground.


Brunos Run.JPG

Grand Island (Geospatial PDF) provides a combination of rugged dirt/sand trails and easier gravel roads that will accommodate any level of biker or hiker. For example, a family planning a day of biking can arrive on the early boat, take a leisurely pace and travel partway up the west rim trail, cut across the island on an old logging road to Trout Bay Overlook, travel down to Trout Bay day use area for a picnic and beach walk, and finish the day biking down along Murray Bay to Williams Landing in time to return to the mainland. More advanced, energetic cyclists can mountain bike the 20-mile main island perimeter route in four to six hours, with time for brief stops and some exploration. Bicycling off roads and trails is not allowed because it damages fragile vegetation.

If you don't have a bike with you, no problem! The Grand Island Ferry Service rents mountain bikes right at William's Landing. For more information about bike rentals or ferry schedules, please call (906) 387-2600. If you are traveling to and from the island on the passenger ferry, keep the ferry schedule in mind as you plan your time on the island. Consider your level of fitness and your pace as you make route choices.

Hike Only:

The North Country Trail has several segments in Alger County which includes the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.
Valley Spur Recreation Area is a trailhead for the NCT and has a segment that leaves directly across from this parking lot that makes its way to Rock River with several road crossings along the way. It is a beautiful section of trail. Make sure to have bug spray handy this time of the year.:)